This page now lists only those links which I believe are not (yet) included in the Dove database, plus those outside the present scope of Dove, such as where the bells are hung dead.

As of 21st February 2021, there were 2,530 entries on this page, most of which were duplicated amongst the 2,996 websites linked from Dove’s Guide, and in March 2021 I decided the time had come to remove the duplicated links from this list. At the same time, I discovered that many of the web pages formerly listed here had disappeared, and interestingly, many of the pages that had disappeared had been on church or community websites. For the nostalgic, the old introductory comments to this page were as follows:

Many of the links on this page were unashamedly ripped off from the excellent Dove’s Guide website by Roger; however as some of them were obviously copied from this website in the first place, he didn’t feel too guilty about this. Bold entries are websites which have been notified directly, many of which were on earlier versions of this page. I THINK I have now (Sept 2017) removed all the duplicate entries, so where there is still more than one entry for a tower these are for different sites, e.g. an Association tower listing, and a page provided by a local band, and can contain slightly different information. Just if you spot any missing or duplicated pages. I’ve already found a few missing ones myself and marked them in red italics (but I deleted 58 of those in September 2017). To make this page slightly more accessible I have now (December 2014) tweaked the formatting so that the tower names will not be broken up by a line break.

Last updated 13th June 2021 - 152 entries.

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