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Apart from the Central Council publications and a very small number of books on bells and ringing from commercial publishers, there are a great many books and pamphlets produced by individuals and societies. These can range from small fund-raising booklets to full-scale private publications — important contributions to campanological literature and learning.

These publications can, however, be hard to obtain because few private publishers can afford to advertise regularly in The Ringing World. Sales after the initial flurry of post-publication activity are often slow, yet stocks of publications are still available. Collectors and would-be purchasers often simply don’t bother to chase these specialist titles. Publishers and authors need a free and simple means of letting people know that their titles can still be obtained.

The aim of this list is to provide a central publications list so that people wishing to buy copies of such works can easily find out where to obtain them. The list will also provide advertising space for publishers. Hopefully it will encourage sales and make publications generally much more accessible to a wider readership.

The details in this edition were taken originally from advertisements and reviews. Where the published details are incomplete the missing data has sometimes been added from copies readily to hand. Intending purchasers should be aware that not all the links have been verified and subsequent updating has been somewhat haphazard. Thus, the information given here must carry a cautionary “health warning” — both in terms of description and current availability.

As to availability, it must be stressed that some considerable time has now passed since this list was first compiled back in the 1990s. It would only be possible to update it with a great deal of fresh checking for which time is just not available. So updating is limited to known amendments and occasional corrections where it is known that publishers or distributors have moved, ceased trading or died.

Prices for postage and packing are as quoted in advertisements (but at the rates shown at the time — without subsequent updating). Generally these are UK surface mail. Overseas rates may be available on request from the publisher.

The following links to publishers’ web pages may be helpful:

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