The Standard 41 Surprise Minor Methods
having Plain Bob lead-heads and no 5-6 places (except the half-lead) or single changes.

Possibly the Most Useful 41 Surprise Minor Table Ever

    London above Norwich above Cambridge above Carlisle above
Leadend 2nd’s 2nd’s 6th’s 2nd’s 6th’s 2nd’s 6th’s
Backwork 36x36.14 x34x14 x36x14 34x36.14
Frontwork   ↓ Half–lead        
  x12x36x12x 36 Lincoln WESTMINSTER          
Cambridge below x12x36x14x 16       IPSWICH NORFOLK Northumberland Whitley
x12x36x14x 36 Cunecastre NETHERSEALE ANNABLE’S LONDON        
x12x36x14x 56       CAMBRIDGE PRIMROSE Carlisle  
Norwich below x12x36x34x 16     NORWICH        
x12x36x34x 36       BOURNE HULL Sandiacre Wooler
  x12x36.12x12. 36 Coldstream Allendale          
  x12x36.12x14. 56 Kelso Bamborough Bacup        
  x12x36.14x12. 36     Warkworth        
x12x36.14x12. 56       Surfleet Hexham Munden  
London below x12x36.14x14. 36 London Lightfoot Rossendale York   Alnwick Canterbury
  x12x36.14x34. 16 Wells Wearmouth Stamford Durham   Newcastle Morpeth
x12x36.14x34. 56       Beverley Berwick Chester  

Methods in the same column have the same work above the treble (with 2nd/6th place lead-end variations in adjacent columns).
Methods in the same row have the same work below the treble (with 1st/3rd/5th place half-lead variations in adjacent rows).
Method names in CAPITAL LETTERS are right place methods.

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