Touches of Single Oxford Bob Triples.

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This collection is a complete list of the true touches of Single Oxford Bob Triples up to 210 changes in length, with an indication of the musical content of each touch. The touches are listed in notation using P for a plain lead, B for a bob lead and S for a single. The touches are in groups of each length, being arranged in order with plain leads first, then bobs and then singles. The musical qualities were assessed for each touch by counting the rows ending in 46, 74 and 67, these three numbers following each touch. Touches containing Queens (1357246), Tittums (1526374) or Whittingtons (1275346) are indicated by Q, T or W respectively. For example the touch of 84 changes PBPBPB contains one row ending in 46, none ending in 74 and four ending in 67 (counting rounds once), giving the music code '1 0 4'.